Our Story

We Innovate. We Engage. We Make a Difference

We are an award-winning independent mobile games developer that is composed of 160 awesomely talented people. Our game Top Eleven is one of the most successful online sports game ever made — it has surpassed the 150 million registered users mark and has been played in every country in the world!

We are based in the uniquely vibrant city of Belgrade, Serbia. Our culture is open, dynamic and collaborative. Working in small empowered teams that operate with a very flat structure, we exist to make a difference in the lives of our players, of our people and within our community.

  • Corporate Superbrands Serbia 2015/6

    Corporate Superbrands Serbia 2015/6

  • Virtus 2015 - Award for philanthropy

    Virtus 2015 - Award for Philanthropy

  • The Lovie Awards 2016

    The Lovie Awards Silver Winner 2016 & The People's Lovie Winner 2016

  • Web Fet's Grand Prix Award logo

    Web Fest’s Grand Prix Award

  • Best Employer in Serbia and the Region logo

    Best Employer in Serbia and South East Europe

  • Red Herring 100 Europe Award logo

    Shortlisted for the Red Herring 100 Europe Award 2012

  • Web Summit People’s Choice Award logo

    London Web Summit's People’s Choice Award 2012

  • The Best Gaming Startup Europas Awards 2011 logo

    The Best Gaming Startup – Europas Awards 2011

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    Nordeus chosen among 25 hottest prospects in European hi-tech

Our players

The Best Fans Ever

We engage millions of people all over the world with games that are super fun to play and super fun to make. We make a difference in the lives of our players by giving them experiences that they just have to tell all their friends about.

We love our players because they are as passionate about games as we are. That’s why they are an integral part of our creative process:

Our games are getting better every day thanks to our players. Their dedication and passion make us tremendously proud of what we do. It’s the best feeling in the world!

Our people

Our #1 Game

We pride ourselves on our people. An awesomely talented group of 160 individuals from more than 15 different nationalities, we are composed of game developers & designers, artists, marketers, data scientists, and business & communications specialists. Together, we form a true super-team that operates with a one for all, all for one mindset.

That’s why our people are our #1 game. We make a difference in their lives by empowering them with unique opportunities to grow, to make an impact in the gaming industry and to nourish a long-term sense of fulfillment. Also, our tailored list of unique benefits ensures that our people are able to make the difference we know they are capable of.


With new games in the pipeline, we’re looking to enrich our games teams in creating our next big hit. We’re looking for top talents with solid industry experience, initiative, passion and the technical skills that will elevate us to the next level.

So, if that is you, drop us a line!

Our community

Driving Positive Change

We believe in the well-being of our local community. That’s why we support initiatives that promote a positive social change in Serbia. We make a difference in our community by focusing on causes that give children and young adults a better start in life.

With our main focus on health and educational projects, we have long supported the Battle for the Babies & for Maternity Wards campaigns, which ensure basic prenatal care for newborn babies throughout Serbia. We are also part of UNICEF’s network for Inclusive Education because we believe that every child, irrespective of gender, ability and ethnicity, is entitled to an education that fully nurtures his or her potential.   

We support projects that demonstrate wide outreach, that have long-term goals and a cohesive strategy. If your organization meets these requirements, please get in touch and make sure to include an overview of your project to donations@nordeus.com.

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