Duel of Legends

Dominate the Arena! Immerse yourself in the intensity of real-time PvP battles and the intrigue of card-based MOBA. 

Become one of the kingdom's Spellcasters, cast powerful spells, and unleash hordes of Minions to compete head-to-head with friends and adversaries around the world.
Start mastering countless deck-building strategies to dominate your enemies, and climb the global leaderboards in this epic fantasy experience!

Game features include:

  • Real-Time 3-minute PvP Battles
    Find the perfect balance of skills and strategy to dominate each battle.
  • Spellcasters with unique abilities
    Develop your own arsenal of magical powers, spells, and loyal Minions, and work your way up to become a revered Master Spellcaster.
  • Deep deck-building strategy
    Collect and upgrade powerful spells and build an invincible deck to help you collect enemies’ Souls to upgrade cards.
  • Magical Spells and Mystical Powers
    Unleash powerful dark and light spells to destroy enemies—and boost the powers of your own Minions.
  • Epic High-Fantasy Setting
    Explore the world of Eldonia and play as one of the kingdom’s Master Sorcerers as you fight for glory in the mystical arenas.
  • AAA graphics on mobile
    Experience an unprecedented level of depth and variety in this visually stunning card-based MOBA.