Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic teams up with Top Eleven to design new in-game features

August 11, 2015 by Nordeus

Top Eleven, the most played online sports game in the world, has joined

forces with Chelsea FC superstar Nemanja Matic to design an all new animated live match feature.

The unique features bring flowing motion to the animated sequences for the first time, an

innovation made possible by Top Eleven’s cutting edge artificial intelligence technology.

The 2D gameplay feature has been developed with significant input from Matic’s experiences as one

of the best positional players in football.

“The player movement during the live match feature mirrors how the professionals play and is very

realistic. It was a pleasure and a unique experience to help improve Top Eleven, one of the biggest

sports games in the world.” said Matic.

Top Eleven, which recently reached its 120 millionth registered user, also introduced live player

ratings during matches as part of the latest update.

Global Ambassador and Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho commented: “The Top Eleven team

never stops surprising me with their in-depth understanding of the football game.

The new animated live match feature is a great example of how technology can be used to study

player movement and to test different tactics before they are implemented in real life. It's a must try

for all aspiring managers and football fans who want to test their football knowledge against the

best in the world.”

Branko Milutinović, CEO of Top Eleven, added: “Our new animated live matches brings a fresh and

more realistic experience to Top Eleven 2015. Being able to see the teams live in action makes

existing and new managers feel closer to their players.

“Additionally, it gives a full and unbiased view of both teams playing, helping budding managers

make better in-match decisions.

“Having the additional expertise of Jose Mourinho and Nemanja Matic on board provided great

assistance to us in designing the new features, which are the culmination of months of development

to create original pieces of play for our managers to enjoy.

Nemanja Matic spoke with Top Eleven on his experience as a defensive midfielder, positioning on the

field, playing a 4-4-2 if he were the manager and the new 2D Animated Live match feature.